I have recently replaced all the rear upper and lower wishbone bushes and tie rods on my 2005 Land Rover Discovery 3. This was carried out at 273,000 km. These notes and video would apply equally well to a Discovery 4 or Range Rover Sport.  If you are experiencing similar problems, I hope that this might help you in fixing it yourself.


Symptoms of a Suspension Bushes Problem


You will notice a vague feeling of the back end of the vehicle drifting and a difficulty keeping it in a straight line, especially on a motorway.  The car will roll more than usual with a “soggy” feel. This may be accompanied by a knocking sound from the rear of the vehicle.


Where to Start

Probably the easiest way of tackling this job is to replace the complete wishbone assembly with the new bushes already pre-installed.  Indeed this is what I did with the front suspension.

I decided to go about the rear suspension a different way by purchasing a bush removal kit to see if it was possible to remove the bushes myself and replace them one by one.

I have to admit it is quite a tiresome job to physically remove these bushes and press in the new ones, especially if they are corroded.  (If your’s are badly corroded I would recommend buying the complete wishbones.)

However, if you are willing to have a go at replacing the bushes, it is worthwhile, not only saving the cost of the complete assembly, but also the environmental impact of transport and disposal of the steel.

I would say that this job can be tackled by any DIY mechanic, like me.

Allow a day to complete each side of the vehicle.

It is essential to spend the time to jack up the vehicle safely on it’s chassis and remove the rear wheels, Make sure it is safe and secure on level ground and that you have enough space to work from underneath.  Ensure that the battery is disconnected before jacking up.

Items Required for the Job


Below I list all the items that I have used and recommend, with links to find them for your convenience.   (Disclaimer – If you purchase through one of my links, I may receive a tiny commission.  Rest assured this won’t cost you a penny more, but will go a small way to help me to maintain and update this site, for which I would be hugely appreciative.)



If you are interested in any of the items I have used or recommend, simply click on the coloured links below to view the products.


Parts List


Upper Wishbone Bush Kit (Suspension Arm)

LR051616/LR051621 (x2)

Lower Wishbone Bushes (Suspension Arm)

RGX500290 (x2)

RGX500111 (x2)

Wheel Hub Knuckle Upper RHF500100 (x2)

Wheel Hub Knuckle Lower LR032644 (x2)

Knuckle Bush Circlip RYV000010 (x2)

Wheel Hub Nut LR024151 (x2)

Tie Rod Spindle LR019117 (x2)


Anti Roll Bar

Roll Bar Link RDG000312 (x2)

Roll Bar Bush LR015336 (x2)





Tools List


Ratchet Torque Wrench

Ratchet Jack Axle Stands

Under Car Mechanics Creeper

3 Tonne Trolley Jack

LED Torch Inspection Lamp

Mechanics Tool 90 Piece Set

Vinyl Gloves

Owners Workshop Manual





Safety Disclaimer

Please do take all possible precautions whilst performing these repairs and replacements. Working under a car can be very dangerous.  These videos and notes are merely a representation of my experience carrying out the job and I cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage howsoever caused.