Hello and welcome to my blog. Thank you for joining me and I hope I can help to inspire, encourage and motivate you in whatever it is you are currently achieving.

I’m Anna, a serial house renovator, extreme gardener, born equestrian, dog lover (but not always…sorry neighbour that our spaniel was chasing your cats round YOUR kitchen again!), occasional seamstress (that sounds very old fashioned, but sewer looked just wrong!), lover of old stone walls, concrete layer, bargain hunter, avocado devourer…ok I’m getting a bit random now… and just someone who pretty much lives for a nice glass of wine and a few nibbles at about six o’clock.



I moved to France in 2002 with my husband and our two children, who were then 2 and 7.  It was a big move, something that I never imagined wanting to do, but we made the decision as we were starting to hate our hectic lives, and suddenly we were here. We were looking for a little place that we could do up, but also live in, with about 10 acres for my two horses. And then, boom…we found the perfect place for us…a ramshackle farmhouse on 100 acres, but that also had a roofless, tree-infested fallen down ruin that was really quite enticing.  And that was it…  A much bigger project than we intended of course, but the opportunities have been amazing and it has so been the right move for all of us.



So, our ruin, is our fourth and biggest, most challenging project which we are doing on a teeny weeny miniscule budget, because I am very stingy and kind of hold the purse strings (well do the accounts anyway). We have learned so much along the way, new skills, ideas, shortcuts and cheap alternatives, and kept going through 40 degree summers and freezing winters… and survived! Ok, so now we have moved in and parts are still very much not finished, but we’re comfortable and living in an amazing space that we have created ourselves and that is something we’re very happy about.



In this blog I hope I can inspire and motivate you on your renovation or house make-over journey. We have been through the ups and downs, dust and chaos, frustrations and exhaustion, and enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it. Here you will find ideas to keep your sanity along the way and the smile on your face.  Tips for having a life whilst living on a building site, socialising when it’s perhaps the last thing you want to do, and ensuring you don’t actually forget who you really are.



I am quite allergic to waste and completely unable to throw away any bits of fabric that I might come across.  A while ago I started cutting these pieces up into strips and twisting them into twine, which I found addictive and really rather soothing.  Eventually, I had to make something out of these bundles of twine before they themselves became lost in the abyss of stuff in the attic.  So my baskets and bags started to be born one by one.  I am so lucky to have the most gorgeous little studio and love nothing more than hiding away and creating things with fabric and thread.  So now I have (with not just a little trepidation!) decided to open my little shop. 



So not content with rebuilding a ruin, we thought, for a bit of light relief, that we would also renovate an apartment in the beautiful city of Nice!  It’s been fun and a great change of scene for us, and this year has been our first year renting it out.  If you, or someone you know, is looking for a short break to get away from it all, check it out on my STAY IN NICE page.