What on Earth do you buy men for Christmas? Well I have done some research for you and come up with this ultimate gift guide for DIY-ers available on Amazon. What’s more I have run every item past my “in-house expert” and got the thumbs up. You see, I wouldn’t want to be recommending any old rubbish. Only tried and tested products make it into my list of suggestions.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I might make a small commission (which comes out of Amazon’s pocket and not yours!) should you purchase something through one of my links. If you do, thank you for your support x (See my disclosure page for more information)



These Bifocal Safety Glasses are my husband’s No. 1 recommendation. Isn’t it fascinating what excites men? No need to wear safety specs over reading glasses which never really works. You can choose the strength to suit too. So very useful!



This magnetic wristband is one of the most useful items a man can have in his toolbag. Saves time, hassle and energy picking up screws, nuts and bolts. Helps get the job done quicker!



In a similar vein, here is a fantastic belt pocket for all those screws and nails that dig in to you when you have them in your jeans pocket. Belt and hammer loop also available.



I must admit these socks would probably become rather annoying and far too useful for the wearer, but you have to humour them sometimes and they are a bit of fun!





Winter takes its toll. Cracked and chapped hands can be soothed with this industrial strength hand cream. Pop a pot in his stocking.



Tiling, flooring, grouting, skirting boards…let him grovel on the floor in comfort with these hard-wearing kneepads! So thoughtful!



No more blunt tools with this Professional Diamond Stone Sharpening Set. Perhaps you could suggest some reciprocal diamond goodies for you!!


What to do with all those little things that turn up in pockets and on every available surface, that really have no home and drive you mad! Solution, a Man Tin! That reminds me. ..have you ever watched Michael McIntyre’s “The Man Drawer”? Go on Google it and have a laugh.



Our multimeter is in daily use for testing circuits and electricals. This basic model is not a cheap one but is a reliable make and accurate which is an essential requirement!



This Bluetooth Beanie is such a good idea. Keeps his ears warm and you don’t have to suffer his music…win win! It’s fully washable and comes in a myriad of designs too!



Just to counter the socks, here is a must-have mug, to avoid any awkward errors or unnecessary injuries!





Relaxing Men’s Bath and Muscle Soak for after a hard day’s work. Good mood guaranteed!





My husband goes nowhere without his trusty knife pouch. In fact, I even have to remember to prise it off him at the airport!



Screwdriver bits are very like socks in many ways. They are always disappearing and if you do have one it’s always the wrong one. Having a boxful in-stock can save having to raid the washing machine filter when he’s on the search.



Show you care with these really tough, cut-resistant work gloves. They have rubber dots for easy gripping and protect against sharp edges and other nasties.



Workshop pencils forever need sharpening, but not so with this carpenter’s mechanical version. Frustration avoided!



Apparently this Machine Wax could be very handy for everyone! When you’ve just had enough, tell him to “Go Buff Your Tools!”



This great bodywarmer has been suggested and recommended by one of my lovely AperoGirl subscribers. Her partner is a carpenter and was “over the moon” with his.

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I do hope you have enjoyed my Ultimate Gift Guide for DIY Men. I’m always looking for new ideas, so if you have an awesome suggestion I would love to hear it and add it to my list. I’m sure my husband would be happy too… now what to get him???

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for DIY Men from Aperogirl.com