It’s getting dark early.
It’s cold in the morning.
You are doing-up your house.
You have no kitchen/doors/fill in the blank.
You are battling with mess and dust.
You are trying to run a family and a household.
Everyone needs to eat, far too often!
The washing pile is enormous.
Not to mention The C-word (…Christmas).
You have too much going on!


Is this you? It’s certainly me!

In this situation it can become increasingly difficult to keep your finger on the pulse. It’s like trying to spin plates and eventually something has to give. More often than not it’s your energy, willpower and motivation. You don’t know whether you’re coming or going and productivity takes a nosedive, especially when it’s cold and miserable

Fear not. If this is you, I’m here to help. I’m being selfish really, because if I come up with strategies for you, and you implement them, I feel I have to as well! And in that vain, hopefully we can spur each other on along the way and not feel so lonely in all this chaos!

If this is not you, then I’m well envious and please, please leave me some tips below!

So, I’ve had this little idea…would you like to join me in a 5-day challenge, to re-kick-start whatever it is you are stalling on. I will send you a daily motivational email, and you can, if you wish, let me know of your progress. Can’t hurt can it?


If you haven’t already, you can join my AperoGirl Facebook Group and tell us your goal. It so helps writing stuff down and feeling accountable. Maybe a little “before”…and then hopefully an “after”, photo?


You can also check out some more tips and ideas in my post How To Stay Motivated When Your Renovation Project is Huge!


If you have a really tedious job on, why not while away the time with an audio book. You can get a 30-day free trial with Audible through Amazon. Click below to find out more.


It doesn’t matter what your project is. I have several at the moment – finish dry-lining this room I’ve been faffing about with, paint a load of doors and windows, and lose 5 kilos! But I’m suggesting we just do one goal for this week and then consider our options after that. I’m probably going to go for the dry-lining, because hubby is on my back about it. Though I can probably eat better and cut down on wine at the same time (Owww!).


Are you up for some motivation?

Finish the year strong, and make your home more beautiful and liveable at the same time.

Come on… I challenge you! x