This is a bit of a departure from the norm and I would imagine not of interest to everyone. However, since I started this blog I have had quite a few messages from people who are thinking of doing the same thing and are asking how to get started. So here goes…


I began my blog when our office became the first room in the house to be finished, and basically, I didn’t want to come out of it! It was originally bumped up the priorities list because we had admin and accounts that had to be done. Our first makeshift office (above) had rubbly bits and mouse wotnots dropping from above and gravelly concrete on the floor. I have to say the photo doesn’t really convey the true “grimness”, and in the end the dust won and the “computer said NO!”


So we decided to change what was originally intended as a bedroom into a new office/study. It is a lovely space and on reflection it seemed such a shame to have it unused all day, so we did a swerve and it’s been a good decision. It did need a little TLC to get it sorted!! (It was originally the space above the roof of  the digger in the photo above!) But we’ve come a long way since then.


It was a bit of a whim to “become a blogger” to be honest, but since the idea got hold I have been quite obsessed with it. Renovating wrecks for the last God knows how long, it is rather refreshing to have something different to think about. It has also challenged my rather redundant brain cells, which has to be good, and made me appreciate the things around me more as I search for new content and ideas.


A blog is a great way to log your progress on your build or home make-over and handy for keeping friends and family in the loop as to how far you have come. Doesn’t everyone like a “before and after” story?

Or maybe you have another passion or hobby that others would love to hear about or learn from. Blogging is a great distraction from the stuff going on around you! A bit of “you time”…and you could even earn some money from it!


There is so much information out there to help you get started, and, don’t tell, but it’s cool to be able to trawl through Pinterest and say, “Sorry, bit busy! I’m working!” when really you should be shovelling sand or some other delightful task. (Not that I can get away with that too much, or we’ll be living in a dust and grime forever.)


I have to admit, there is quite a lot more to this blogging lark than I thought at the beginning. And it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. The racket from our “lounge” next door, which is currently full with woodworking machinery, compressor and dust extractor is relentless! To say that you can’t hear yourself think is an understatement. How one person can have all his machines going at the same time beats me, but his motto is “Gotta get on!” so I can’t really knock it!

That said, I am learning so much and really enjoying it, and I was the most complete numpty with anything the slightest bit techy. I am still very much a beginner and trial and error seems to be the way forward for me, but it’s getting easier by the day, and giving me confidence in what I can actually do on a computer!!


So, if you have ever wondered about this; have an idea that you think would be good for a blog; have some spare time (What? As if…!); and would give your right arm for a sit down job, why not give it a go?

I will not pretend I know enough to give you advice on what to do, but I will pass on the information I have found and the recommendations I have.


(*This post contains affiliate links, which means that should you decide to purchase something through one of my links, I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure page for more information*)

My first go-to which I found so helpful was this FREE blog plan by Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog.

Don’t be put off by the name. She has a site teaching stay-at-home mums to blog, but her advice is the same for any niche, and is step-by-step and super easy to follow. She basically holds your hand throughout and is a really sweet person, happy to help you personally if you get stuck. Her courses are very reasonable and great value for money. I did several of them, and would have been totally overwhelmed trying to do it all on my own. Click this link to check out all Suzi’s fab courses.


The next thing you will need to do is decide on a cool domain name and sign-up to have your blog hosted. I read lots of good reviews for Siteground and went with them. The whole set up was very easy. Simply click on the link above to get started.


I am using and it’s very user-friendly with the ability to monetize if you want to (and why not eh?…every little helps!)

Then you can choose a theme (or layout) of which there are many free options. I chose to go with Divi from Elegant Themes, which is a paid theme, but means I can customise it. That suits me because, like with everything I tend to opt for the DIY route, and I’m a contrary so-and-so, therefore I always want things to be slightly different from how they are!! Elegant Themes also have others to choose from and lots of previews to give you ideas of how you want your site to look. Click on the link above to check them out.


Now you have your site up and running, you can think about whether you would like to start earning some money from it. There are several ways this can be done and a ton of information out there on the internet. Again, look at Suzi’s site (Start a Mom Blog) or look on Pinterest where there are loads of links, great information and many free downloads, courses and printables.


Whether or not you’re a wannabe blogger, it is really good to make time for some activity away from renovation. Whatever that may be, be inspired and have fun!