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We awoke this morning to the most beautiful pink and blue Autumn sunrise. Mist in the valley and the sun just coming up was quite breathtaking. Especially for me…I am not a morning person at all. However, things are changing a bit. Having just moved into our new bedroom, at the top of the house, the sun literally streams in as soon as it’s up (kind of blinding you in the process!) and boom…”one is awake!”

“Aaaagh!”, followed pretty closely by “Tea!”. I am so lucky to have an early-bird husband, happy to trek off down, down, down to our basement kitchen and come back up with my lovely brew. Sometimes admittedly I miss the first cup, which might arrive while it’s still dark. Well what do you expect? But most times it is replaced by a nice hot cup, and then I’m ready to face the world.



On this delightful morning, I stood on the balcony taking some photos. The slight chill that we are now getting first thing, prompted me to think about embellishing our “snug” for the cooler evenings. Cushions were on my mind and I had such fun flicking through online and building my wish list.

Just in case you might be thinking about plumping-up your sofa, here is a collection of my faves. (Click on the images for more details.)