Well, who’d have thought it? Me…the most computer illiterate person (“please move away from the desk!”) starting a blog. But…well…why not?

So, it’s getting on for 40 degrees outside and instead of doing a concrete mix and attempting to build the step on my “Apero Terrace”, it seemed like a far better idea to come inside, sit by a fan and start logging (or blogging!) our French lifestyle/renovation journey.  Or, so I thought, until I approached the computer, in our, still very much a building site, office. The sawdust and gravelly bits dropping from the ceiling and underfoot were only half of my problem…you see, I’m very much a hands-on, build it, dig it, paint it kind of girl. My husband calls me “Wet Trades”, as cement, concrete, paint etc seem to be my forté…if you can call it that! But computery things are certainly not, so this will indeed be a steep, and hopefully fun, learning curve!