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Encouragement, motivating tips, inspiration, updates and fun support for girls living in house renovation chaos!


This is your “Go-To” place for finding inspiration, motivation and support when you are living in the chaos that is “house renovation”.  Whether you’re self-building, restoring an old property, making-over your kitchen or bathroom, or (like us) embarking on some mad project with a pile of rocks, this blog is aimed at helping you retain your sanity, keep your smile and still have a life when you’re exhausted and about to lose the plot.


Take a breather and pour yourself a nice glass of wine, or tea if you prefer (I like both, but I’m not AperoGirl for nothing, so I know which I’d pick…just saying, so you kind of get to know me straight away!).  Of course, it does depend a little on what time of the day it is obviously.  Anyway, I digress…I do hope you will come on in and join me in all the “fun”.  Do feel free to comment, I’d love to hear about your project, both your frustrations and your achievements.



This is not a general “how to” renovate your house blog. Building tutorials are not my thing and probably not your’s either. If you’re a DIYer then you have been building, painting, sanding, or whatever all day and want a change of scene.  So my blog is intending to be, in part, that change of scene. There may however be a few ideas for titivating your new abode thrown in for good measure. All will be revealed in due course…


I shall be bringing you some ideas, tips, motivation and inspiration for living on a renovation project and still having a life. It’s all too easy to forget to look after yourself when you don’t have the usual luxuries of a “normal” finished home. Cooking without a kitchen, staying feminine when you live in dirty work clothes, socialising when you’re exhausted, entertaining whilst in chaos…these things are all still possible with just a little thought and easy preparation. Let me help you along the way.


Renovating, making-over or doing-up a property is never easy, often really quite unpleasant, and let’s say sometimes downright character building. But on the days when you’re in the thick of it and don’t know which way to turn, never forget it will be worth it in the end and there are other girlies in the same predicament all over the world.  Let’s all get together, share our woes and triumphs and have a bit of fun.



Tired of living with dust and rubble? Nowhere to prepare a meal? Forever in work clothes? I understand! Don’t let it get you down…join me for some fun distractions.  I’ll help you keep your sanity amongst the chaos!

Time for yourself is so important. We all know that…but how often do you forget to treat yourself. Here I will showcase my very favourite gorgeous, gorgeous, lovely things to inspire and nurture. Indulge and enjoy .

My favourite time of the day! Six o’clock, down tools, open the wine, sit back and enjoy.  Ideas for easy entertaining so you don’t become a hermit, even if you’re exhausted and the house is in a state.

Simplify your life by planning and organising. Easy tips and strategies for getting stuff done, thinking ahead and rising above the stress and clutter around you.

Need a sanctuary from the dust ?
Designing a scheme from scratch? Creating a vegetable plot? Lots of ideas and tips here to make the most of your outside space.

Beautiful rooms to inspire you. From kitchens to bedrooms, and even cupboards and storage. Don’t be daunted by a blank canvas. Pick a scheme and go with it. Or tweak what you have with pretty accessories.

Renovation projects can be a real money pit. (Have you seen the film?) But there are lots of ways to stay on budget and get the look you want. I think we’ve tried most! Happy to share them with you.
We are so lucky to be in France. We have projects in both the countryside and in the city. If you want to see what we’re up to, just click here. All will be revealed as and when we reach our milestones!